The Henbbo Foundation provides the opportunity to use your own


Henbbo provides investors with direct access to their funds in the system. This allows you to reduce the time, number of financial transactions and commission costs for the received profit in cash.

The Henbbo debit card works within the international payment system – union Union Pay, and the largest bank in the UK services card accounts of customers – bank HSBC Bank.


Now in platform account you can transfer funds from your balance directly to your Henbbo plastic card and withdraw money from ATMs around the world.

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These opportunities became available due to the launch of support for its own plastic debit card Henbbo.

Its use significantly expands your financial opportunities and saves you time and money..

Henbbo card top-up limits:
Per day
15,000 Euro
Per month
150,000 Euro
Per year
1,300,000 Euro
Card Service Terms:

Monthly subscription - 3 euros

Cash withdrawal fee - 3.5 euros or 1.7%

Checking the balance at ATMs - 0.5 euros

Cash withdrawal limits:

Available at any ATM with a commission of 1%

Daily limit - 5000 euros

Cash withdrawal limit per month – 12,000 euros

Single withdrawal limit – 2000 euros

Limit per month
45,000 Euro
Daily limit
10,000 Euro
One-time purchase
5,000 Euro
Internet payment limit:

Access your money on our platform balance from any ATM worldwide with a Henbbo card!

Any investor who has an active staking in the system from $5,000 can receive a Henbbo debit card. The cost of making a card and its delivery is $0. Delivery time from 3 to 6 weeks.