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of the company:

The Henbbo fund insured its assets for $120 million in total.

The management and the entire team of the Henbbo cryptocurrency fund continues to strengthen its position at the market. Another step in this was the conclusion of an agreement with one of the largest international insurance companies of all the assets of the fund for $120 million in total.

about-text-icon Insured events, according to the terms of the contract, are:

Deprivation of Henbbo property rights.

War, civil clashes in the country where the investment have been placed.

Unforeseen actions on the part of the state not described by the current legislation.

Bankruptcy of the company.

Bankruptcy of companies in which the Henbbo fund has been invested previously.

The object of insurance, according to the contract, is the property, financial assets of the Henbbo fund and its investors related to possible losses (lost investments, profit, additional expenses, etc.) at the financial and investment operations.

The term of the Henbbo asset insurance contract is expired in August 24, 2024, with the possibility of subsequent renewal. In the absence of insurance events during the specified period, the insurance company also provides compensation payments in the amount of 25% of the insurance premium.

The Henbbo fund will continue to develop and optimize the services provided, including through interaction with its partners and other financial organizations.