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Our company’s English office is located in the heart of London at The Shard Business Centre. It is equipped with everything necessary for the effective operation of our team.

The work area of the office is planned and organized in such a way that everyone who is in it, can use everything that needs during work. And at the same time not be cut off comletely and would continued to feel part of a large, friendly team.

32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom - The Shard

We also have communication areas where several people can be stay at the same time. Here they can discuss anything without distracting other colleagues with their dialogue.

By the separate rooms, whicn isolated from the common space of the office, are realized a spacious the conference room and cell and video calls rooms.

A pleasant addition to the overall interior of the office is a relaxation area where you can relax and regain strength. Or cheer up by physical activity using the exercise machines available here.

Our cosy office was not without everyone's favorite kitchenette with a cafeteria. This is an area where we have a coffee break, lunch, holiday parties or birthdays celebrating.

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The main room is divided into several functionally different zones.

The office consists of two floors, in which several different zones are harmoniously located.

Our Asia Branch is located in Dubai, UAE. To accommodate it has been chosen as Belhab Tower modern business center in the very City center.

As you as enter to the office, you immediately get into a spacious room with a large reception desk.

From here on, you can already go to the zone of top managers, or to the working and additional areas of the office.


On the ground floor, except the work area, there is a cafeteria which is our employees' favourite place to socialize with the cup of coffee, as well as a spacious conference room. It, during meetings, or other briefings, can comfortably stay all our employees.


Also, on the ground floor, near the stairs to the second floor, we have a small library a wide variety of literature and here has been organized some area for reading.

The second floor consist from the few more zones. Here we have a recreation zone, in which some employees work even with greater efficiency than in the working area. There is also equipment for indoor phisical activities.

The European representative office of the fund is located in the business center in Milan, which is the second largest city in Italy.

At the entering the office, all our visitors and customers met by the office reception-manager. They can be located in a convenient reception room.

The office is divided into two wings with several functional areas. The first contains the offices of managers and their assistants, a comfortable working area for employees and a separate room with a conference room.


In the second wing there is a rest area. Here our employees can communicate with each other, or with customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Most of the second wing is occupied by common kitchen. It is equipped with everything necessary, both for daily lunches and for general feasts with the whole team.


A new representative office opening will help customers from Europe and surrounding regions to significantly simplify access to our services and increase their number by the end of the year by at least 25-30%.

This will be achieved, among other things, thanks to a more flexible adaptation of investment offers to market requirements and the further development of joint projects with the fund's European partners.