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May 15, 2023 18:16

Federal Reserve rate hike of 0.25% triggered growth of crypto market

After the Fed meeting, which ended with a 0.25% interest rate hike, the crypto market is once again showing growth. Bitcoin has already surpassed the $29,000 mark. Representatives of the central bank promised to decide on a pause next month, depending on the current financial situation.
This came amid the fact that the shares of PacWest Bancorp, another U.S. bank, fell by more than 52%. Bloomberg reported that the bank is considering all options, including a sale, due to its worsening financial situation.
Recall that Signature Bank and SVB collapsed in March. And more recently, the same thing happened to First Republic Bank, which was bought by JP Morgan after its shares fell. 
These new failures in the U.S. financial system have benefited cryptocurrencies, highlighting the potential of digital assets as an alternative financial system. And the end of the Fed's interest-rate hike cycle could be one of the drivers of a new surge in the crypto market. That's the conclusion of many analysts, including the Henbbo team.
It is expected that key crypto-assets could grow by 15-20%. The reason for this is largely due to the U.S. banking crisis. Troubled financial institutions will require an infusion of liquidity and government guarantees for those bailed-out institutions.
It is also expected that corporations will resume buying back their own shares after the end of the reporting season. About $1 trillion will be allocated for this purpose. This trend will continue to have a favorable impact on the positions of crypto-assets.
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