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Jun 6, 2023 10:30

Henbbo added support for BitTorrent BTT crypto coin on its platform

We have great news to share with you - Henbbo has added support for BitTorrent Crypto Coin (BTT) on its platform. Now all clients of our platform can now use BTT to make money on crypto-stacking, or lunchpad trading.
BitTorrent Crypto Coin (BTT) is a cryptocurrency based on the BitTorrent protocol known to many. This peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol was created by Bram Cohen in 2001 to transmit large files over the Internet. 
The BTT coin is a key tool used in the BitTorrent ecosystem to reward users for their activity. It allows users to share the most data available in the BitTorrent system more efficiently and quickly.
The μTorrent client is used by more than 150 million users worldwide. Due to such a wide community, current market capitalization of BitTorrent exceeds $600 million, and daily trading volume of BTT coin is more than $13 million. There is more than 950 billion BTT in circulation.
Adding support for BitTorrent (BTT) extends the capabilities of the Henbbo platform and makes it even more versatile and investor-friendly. Our team will continue to develop its functionality to meet the needs and expectations of every Henbbo customer. 
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