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Jul 13, 2023 13:50

Henbbo held a great team-building event at an activity center on the outskirts of London

Over the last few months the Henbbo Foundation has been increasing its activities. This has had a major impact on our London office. During this time the company has expanded the staff here by more than 40% to ensure that the efficiency of the work corresponds to the growing volume of tasks.
To make our team even more cohesive, Henbbo organized an outdoor team-building event. Horsenden Hill Activity Centre was the perfect setting for a range of exciting team sports games. 
The event included a variety of sports games, contests and more. All of these motivated the participants to work as a team, fostered confidence and improved teamwork. In the evening, after a short rest, we gathered again in one of London's clubs for a party with great food, music and dancing. 
Teambuilding in the Horsenden Hill Activity Center, combined with a fun party left a lot of vivid impressions for our entire team. The event served as a catalyst for improved cooperation, communication and trust among colleagues.
Encouraged by this enthusiasm and strengthened bonds, the team is back at work and ready to tackle any challenge with a united front. This will ultimately contribute to the success of our entire company.
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