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Aug 18, 2022 14:53

Henbbo fund held a scientific and practical conference "Prospects for the development of financial markets in East Asia".

Recently, the Asian markets have been attracting more and more attention from investors. Usually, the situation there is much similar to the dynamics of the world trading floors, especially the U.S. But now, because of events in the Eastern Europe, there were additional cash flows redirected to the Asian region. China, India and other countries control a considerable part of them.

Due to this, activity has increased on almost all Asian platforms. Some of them saw an increase in turnover of 20-25% or more. This caused the expected stabilization and possible growth of indices, as well as created perspectives to attract investors from all over the world.

At the same time, the Asian economies, compared to the European and American ones, also have more positive forecasts for the passage of possible stagflation - slowdown of GDP growth with rather high inflation. This is caused by the relatively larger share, about 70-80%, of the production and commodity segment in them and the greater stability of demand for such products.

At the beginning of this month, the Henbbo cryptocurrency fund held a scientific and practical conference on the basis of one of its Asian offices called "Prospects for the development of financial markets in East Asia". Our colleagues and partners working in the Asian region, as well as leading experts in the field of financial markets were invited to this meeting.

During the conference speakers analyzed the current situation, its causes and possible ways of development in detail, and shared their forecasts on a number of key areas that require increased attention.In particular, there was an increase in the presence of regional financial centers, first of all, – China. Over the past six months, the share of China has increased by more than $3.4 billion. Against the background of the world inflation processes and the need to ensure the real turnover, alternative financial cryptocurrency instruments and mutual settlements with their help continue to cause an increased interest.

The result of the conference was the formation of the development program for the Asian segment of the Henbbo Fund, as well as the conclusion of several cooperation agreements with our East Asian partners totaling more than $ 12.5 million.
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