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Jul 25, 2023 11:23

Results of the first year of operation of the online platform Henbbo

One year has passed since the launch of the online platform of the Henbbo Fund. Prior to this, our company had significant experience in the field of crypto investments, operating in the crypto market since 2014.
The launch of the online platform marked a completely new and more sophisticated level of operation for us and our investors. Thanks to it, anyone from any country can start earning with us in the crypto market.
Despite the challenges faced by the crypto industry during this and the previous years, the Henbbo Fund has shown significant growth in the number of its investors. Currently, the total number has exceeded 730,000, which is more than twice the number from a year ago.
Henbbo's implemented consistent and balanced business plan allowed the company to increase investment sizes and staking rewards volumes despite the financial crisis. Currently, the total amount of payouts has exceeded $160 million.
For example, an investor who opened a $1,000 Classic staking plan with a daily yield of 1.65% one year ago (approximately 260 working days) would have received a profit exceeding 400%
1.65% * 260 * $1,000 = $4,290
By using a more advantageous Premium plan and depositing $3,000, the same investor could have achieved a profit of over 600% over the same period –
2.4% * 260 *$3,000 = $18,720
The most profitable investment for an investor was staking under the "Included" conditions for all tariff plans. For instance, investing $5,000 a year ago on these terms in the Premium package would have yielded a net profit exceeding the costs by more than 32 times!
12.4% * 260 * $5,000 = $161,200
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