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Jul 28, 2023 13:08

The Henbbo Foundation announces the launch of a promotion and the payout of bonus funds.

Last week, the cryptocurrency market experienced a noticeable surge. The catalyst was Ripple's partial victory in court against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Thanks to this, the inflows to XRP tokens increased from $0.1 million the previous week to $2.6 million.
In general, major altcoins are showing steady positive dynamics. Over the past 11 weeks, Ethereum funds saw an inflow of $6.6 million, compared to an outflow of $1.6 million in the previous reporting period. Funds based on Solana attracted $1.1 million, while Uniswap and Polygon received $0.7 million each.
The Henbbo Foundation has always supported positive market trends and the opportunity to increase our investors' profits. For this reason, we are announcing a bonus promotion and inviting all our investors to take advantage of it to boost their profits.
By participating in the promotion, you will receive additional bonus funds to your account. Your activity will also serve as an additional stimulus for the overall development of the cryptocurrency market.
Participation conditions are as follows:
- Classic plans: Get +1.88% of the deposit amount on your balance.
- Premium plans: Get +4.44% of the deposit amount on your balance.
- Deluxe plans: Get +7.77% of the deposit amount on your balance.
- Long plans: Get +15.5% of the deposit amount on your balance.
For all tariff plans, the bonus funds will be credited to your balance and are available for withdrawal.
The promotional offer is valid until 12:00 GMT on July 29th.
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