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Aug 16, 2023 17:11

The Henbbo Foundation participated in the AIBC International Conference in Manila.

The Asian Investment and Banking Conference (AIBC) is held in five geographical regions: Asia, America, the Balkans, Europe, and Africa. This summit has been one of the main platforms for discussions in these mainstream directions for several years.
The AIBC International Conference, which took place this year from July 19 to 21 in Manila, Philippines, gathered over 350 delegates from around the world to discuss the latest trends, issues, and ideas in the world of blockchain, artificial intelligence, crypto computing, gaming, and WEB 3.0. Through the summit's platform, participants discuss and lay the groundwork for the upcoming Industrial Revolution 4.0.
The Henbbo Foundation actively participated in the conference and showcased its achievements and products to a wide audience of investors, participants, and event guests. Many of them were interested in our developments in the field of decentralized blockchains and innovations that we are implementing in the HNBB coin ecosystem.
Experts from our venture fund delivered presentations at several specialized meetings with participants and conducted a series of personal negotiations with potential clients and company partners. The opportunity for crypto businessmen to place assets under favorable staking conditions from Henbbo generated significant interest.
The past three days of the Asian AIBC conference were very eventful and productive for our company. The foundation's management highly appreciated the results of the delegation's work. Just during the summit, we received over two dozen partnership proposals from major investors, totaling more than $12 million.
Additionally, at the conference in Manila, Henbbo conducted negotiations with several Web 3.0 development companies and blockchain networks. Contracts with some of them are already in the stages of negotiation and signing. We are confident that this collaboration will provide the Henbbo Foundation and its clients with even more opportunities and tools for profit on our investment platform in the near future.
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