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Aug 21, 2023 17:30

Henbbo has opened its new representation in the USA on the globally renowned Wall Street.

The Henbbo fund's team has put in significant effort to establish our new presence in the United States. And now, it has become a reality – the Henbbo American office is situated at the renowned 40 Wall Street in "The Trump Building."
Being located right in the heart of the world's most bustling business district provides our representation with substantial business opportunities. This proximity allows us to forge valuable connections, foster collaborations, and always stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.
The office space on Wall Street, spanning two floors, embodies Henbbo's aspirations for excellence and innovation. The first floor features an elegant and modern reception area where our office managers will warmly welcome you.
Adjacent to the reception area are the offices of senior managers – the organizational hubs of our representation. On the same floor, there are several well-equipped conference rooms. Their ample availability facilitates effective and fruitful dialogues with the fund's team, partners, and clients. Additionally, a spacious kitchen is situated here, perfect for lunch, coffee, or dessert conversations.
Ascending to the second floor, you'll enter a spacious working area. This space is meticulously designed to encourage productivity and outstanding teamwork.
To ensure our employees can relax and recharge on the second floor, a cozy relaxation area is provided. Thanks to it, our team has the opportunity to maintain an ideal healthy balance between work and recuperation.
The opening of Henbbo's new representation in the USA, in the global epicenter of business on Wall Street, unveils even greater prospects for our company. Their realization is already yielding increased profits for us and our investors.
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