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Sep 16, 2022 13:50

Henbbo Foundation participated in the SiGMA M&E Conference

SiGMA is a conference and exhibition dedicated to the M&E (media and entertainment) industry. It was held on August 22 to 25 in Belgrade. Operators and providers of digital entertainment services showcased products designed for this emerging market.
Throughout the event, speakers from all over the world spoke in two conference halls. They discussed regulations, requirements, trends in online gaming, SEO, e-commerce, cybersports and more. 
It was noted that the digital entertainment industry has been showing the highest growth rates over the past few years. In different niches, it ranges from 6% to 32% annually. It is anticipated that in 2022 the total revenue of the M&E (media and entertainment) market could exceed $2.3 trillion.
A significant impact on the development of this segment was the increased use of cryptocurrencies. The availability of such a payment tool has considerably simplified access to such services. It has led to a growing interest by M&E companies in the most advanced blockchain technologies.
Henbbo cryptocurrency foundation introduced its own b2b placement program for medium to long-term contracts at this conference. It will allow operators to obtain additional income from their assets. As a result of the conference work, the Henbbo Foundation has signed a series of contracts, including long-term contracts worth $ 18.5 million.
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