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Sep 30, 2022 11:22

Henbbo Foundation announces proprietary coin. It is perfect for stacking and instant transactions.

Do we need our proprietary coin?

Now, the question is not to differentiate between the trend patterns and the economic necessity but to understand the essence of what we want to give our investors.

The very idea of issuing our proprietary coins came to us back in 2017, when the prospects and evident benefits of ICOs reached an apex in this very lucrative and in-demand market. Since then, in one way or another, we have constantly considered the idea of issuing our own token through the perspective of commercial feasibility and the possibility of organic interaction of our customers with the fruits of such an issuance.

From the moment our company entered the market, we not only analyzed, studied, and drew conclusions but also used the empirically gained knowledge to our advantage. In particular, we gradually formed a team of dedicated specialists who would be able to start creating and issuing our company's tokens as and when needed.
The core of this team consists primarily of programmers, traders, digital and exchange analysts, as well as crypto psychologists. The task of the latter ones is to study the impact of crypto volatility on general trends of cryptocurrency exchanges in the context of public perception of these changes.
Today we have concluded that the time has come. We are ready to create our proprietary token. We stand ready to work on its issuing. But first and foremost, we are also ready to provide new earning opportunities for our customers.
At some point, we can already assert that having your proprietary token is now a business necessity. It is primarily caused by the fact that amid the destabilizing processes that temporarily arise in the world of cryptocurrency assets, issuing your proprietary coin is the only right decision for someone who wants to strengthen their company and increase its capitalization.
Our coin will be created on the BNB Smart Chain and receive the HNBB tag. In the following posts, we will be sure to describe its features and the issuance process. We will also explain how we will ensure its liquidity at the initial stage.
Henbbo - smart investment will change your life!