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Nov 4, 2022 15:02

Henbbo Foundation held a digital art exhibition in Miami

Henbbo continues to expand its business interests. Not long ago, given the ever-growing popularity of various types of digital art, the company created a new division - NFT digital art. To develop this area Henbbo organized an exhibition of digital paintings.
The event took place on October 22-23 at The Temple House in Miami Beach, Florida. This one-of-a-kind venue is perfect for such exhibitions. 
What makes The Temple House unique is that the interior of the halls can be easily changed depending on the setting. The images on the walls and ceiling inside are created by a large number of projectors. This allows a wide variety of digital canvases to be shown to visitors in the most spectacular way possible.
The exhibition featured 126 NFT-projects in different genres by artists from around the world. These are digital portraiture, photo-art, glitch-art, digital sculptures, fractal graphics and others.
During two days more than 750 Henbbo investors and invited guests visited the exhibition, and more than half of the works, worth $2.6 million, were sold on the first day.
The interest in the exhibition and its results reaffirmed the relevance of digital art as a part of contemporary culture. The Henbbo Foundation will continue to invest and develop this as one of the alternative business programs.
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