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Dec 2, 2022 10:10

Henbbo Fund Attends TOKEN2049 in London in November

Despite the fears surrounding FTX's bankruptcy, interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has not waned. On the contrary, many investors are taking a realistic view of the situation and shifting their attention to projects that offer the most security for their investments.
One of the biggest blockchain events of the fall of 2022 was the annual TOKEN2049. The fall summit was hosted on November 9-10 by the financial capital of the world, London, at the unrivaled Magazine London venue. Located in the heart of the Greenwich Peninsula, this business center was a great place for industry veterans and crypto enthusiasts from around the world to connect.
TOKEN2049 is the largest crypto event held annually in London and Singapore. At it, founders and executives of leading Web3 companies share their experiences in the crypto market. TOKEN2049 brings together crypto entrepreneurs, investors and developers from around the world and creates unprecedented opportunities for communication and development.
Henbbo has previously participated in the Singapore summit and successfully leveraged his unique experience in the blockchain ecosystem. This has already given rise to several joint business projects and, of course, had an impact on the company's overall revenue.
At the meeting in London, Henbbo also presented its experience in investment project support, decentralization of blockchain technology and security of the ecosystem as a whole. 
The relevance of these issues is now very high. This allowed Henbbo to attract more than $3.7 million from investors to participate in our projects at the summit. The estimated level of profit from these investments is more than $18 million in the first half of 2023.
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