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Aug 3, 2022 12:42

Henbbo held an international conference "Investment and Security 2022"

The conference was held over three days in Green Park London. There were invited experts working in different areas of the financial, stock and cryptocurrency markets of the world. Henbbo's leading experts also gave presentations at the conference. Participants of the "Investment and Security 2022" conference included both our investors and those who are just considering investing their assets with the help of our company.

During the conference we analyzed the results of the company's work for the past quarter. It was noted that the amount of capitalization of the company for this period has been increased by more than $ 57 million, and the total income of our investors for the same period was more than $ 38 million. These results were made possible by a clear strategy and coordinated work of the whole team of the Henbbo company.

At the conference "Investment and Security 2022" leading analysts discussed the most promising areas of investment in the current environment - the growth of escalation on the European continent, the increase in energy prices, the situation on world stock and financial markets.Special attention was paid to all kinds of investment risks dictated by the conjuncture and the tools to overcome them. Participants of the conference "Investment and Security 2022" could master and evaluate some of the discussed investment techniques during its practical part.

As a result of 3 days of work contracts to attract investment capital of more than $6.5 million were signed.

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