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Jan 13, 2023 18:56

Henbbo Foundation held a charity dinner "New Year's snow - Charity event".

The end of the passing year and the beginning of a new one have been quite fruitful for our company. Henbbo Foundation organized and participated in a number of New Year's and Christmas events.
The most significant was the holiday charity dinner "New Year's snow - Charity event". This event was aimed to help those affected by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. 
It took place on January 3 in London at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. Henbbo management had been working on the idea of holding it before, and now we were able to make it happen.
This is not the first time that the Henbbo Foundation has tried to draw attention to a problem which has been threatening humanity for over three years. This time we invited our investors, partners and other businessmen to participate. A total of 192 patrons took part in the event.
"New Year's snow - Charity event" began with a solemn part with the awarding of our customers and partners for their contribution and success in our common business. After the ceremony the guests continued the evening with an entertaining program.
The Charity Dinner and several other similar events helped us raise $2.3 million. 
This money will ultimately help many people keep themselves safe from the threat of COVID-19 disease.
The Henbbo Foundation plans to continue our charitable work in the future. We are confident that our contribution to the overall effort will accelerate humanity's victory over the coronavirus!
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