tiếng Việt
Jan 22, 2023 14:51

Henbbo wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

In 2023 the new year according to the lunar calendar falls on January 22. The symbol of the coming year will be the Black Water Rabbit, it is considered to be the happiest in the Eastern calendar. Also the patron of the new year 2023 is a cat - in Chinese, these two animals are symbolized by the same character. 
According to predictions, the coming year of the Black Water Rabbit brings people a lot of goodness, wealth, communication and happiness. It will pass under the influence of Yin energy and the planet Venus. This means that the time promises to be calm and measured. At the same time, it is important not to be lazy, but to work on personal achievements.
Against the background of such positive expectations Henbbo planned to significantly strengthen its position in the promising Asian region. First and foremost, this will be achieved by strengthening partnerships and participating in more joint projects.
Also, as part of the Asian development program, the interface of our platform will be translated into several regional languages this year. Our experience shows that this allows us to attract 1.5-2 times more interested customers.
One of the most significant events in Henbbo's Asia program for 2023 will be the opening of a new office. Having such a representative office significantly simplifies and increases the effectiveness of cooperation at the local level.
In the new year Henbbo wishes you the same bold plans, success in achieving your goals and may your profit together with us only increase!
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