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Jan 24, 2023 18:46

Henbbo improves security and launches a new Telegram channel

Henbbo is constantly working not only to expand the functionality and usability of its services. The company also pays great attention to security. This is not only security of transactions and deposits, but also the protection of our customers' accounts and personal data.
For example, we have recently changed hosting on several of our servers to eliminate the threat of DDoS attacks. We have also made changes to the platform infrastructure to integrate more effective security protocols into it.
Now it is time for our Telegram channel as well. On the one hand, it is a very convenient tool for promptly informing our audience. On the other hand, the services that are integrated into it accumulate more and more miscellaneous information, including personal information. 
So, for example, bots that help us to process publications, as it turned out, can collect information about users' actions. This is against Henbbo's privacy policy. 
That's why our old telegram feed is now under maintenance. The IT team is already working to eliminate all possible risks to our community.
To stay in touch with our subscribers, Henbbo is launching a new Telegram channel, which will not use bots and addons that violate our privacy policy. 
The address of Henbbo's new telegram channel is https://t.me/henbbo_channel
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