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Feb 10, 2023 13:17

Henbbo's "Bounty" program allows our partners to generate more and more income

Last year Henbbo announced the launch of our affiliate program "Bounty". Anyone can earn a bonus up to $2000 for contributing to the development of our online community by taking part in it. 
As of today, more than 12 thousand people from all over the world have already taken advantage of this opportunity. The total amount of payments under this program exceeded 400 thousand dollars. 
Thanks to this joint work Henbbo online community has greatly increased. At the same time there is an 8.3% increase in the number of new investors compared to previous periods. This allows the fund maintain a good momentum and continue to scale the business.  
We offer You to take part in the program "Bounty" and get nice bonuses from Henbbo. Just publish a short video about our platform in your social networks, after which you will get a reward on your balance. Its size will depend on the number of views, the number of subscribers and activity under this publication.
Terms of the Bounty program
- Instagram - the video from 20 seconds, which must contain the logo, the name of our company, as well as the home page and personal account. Payment - from $0.5 up to $800
- Tik-Tok - a 15 second free format video about our platform or site. Payment - from $0.5 to $800.
- YouTube - short video (duration from 4 minutes) in the format of the review of our service. Payment - from $2 to $2000.
- Telegram - subscribe to our official page, replace your avatar with our logo and add "Make money with henbbo.com" tagline in your profile description. Payout is $1.
Do not forget to put your referral link in the description of all your publications and apply for the award.
Do not miss your chance to earn extra money with Henbbo and join our affiliate program "Bounty"!
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