tiếng Việt
Feb 22, 2023 15:36

HENBBO adds Korean language support to all official company resources

Henbbo Foundation does not stop working to expand its own presence in all economically interesting regions. Another step in this direction is the support of the Korean language on the official platform of the service.
Unlike North Korea, which is almost completely isolated from the outside world, South Korea with its population of 50 million is one of the most dynamically developing countries. For example, according to independent estimates, the total number of global network users reached 98.5% of the population in 2022.
Korea's major cities, such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Suwon, are experiencing total informatization. The most advanced technologies, including 5G and augmented reality, are being introduced here en masse. WEB3.0 and decentralized blockchain are also actively developing.
This year, the country's authorities are to present the Digital Assets Basic Act (DABA). It will be drafted in accordance with international norms and will be based on the experience of the largest economies in the world.
The government also plans to expand existing infrastructure for crypto-fiat transactions and allow more banks to create their own fiat cryptocurrency exchange platforms. South Korean officials also expect to institutionalize NFT tokens and their ICO procedures.
All this makes South Korea a very attractive region for expanding the company's cryptocurrency business and implementing various NFT and blockchain projects.
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