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Feb 27, 2023 16:55

Henbbo has implemented on its platform support for ADA coin (Cardano)

Henbbo Foundation continues to expand services for its customers. Our team has recently completed the integration of support for ADA Cardano coin. Thanks to this, investors can use this sought-after cryptocurrency for staking as well.
Cardano is a fairly popular blockchain platform with the Ouroboros consensus algorithm, which is built on the principle of proof of ownership of an asset. This protocol allows transactions to be verified without high energy costs, which ultimately reduces fees. 
Cardano uses the Haskell programming language in its development. This allows for evidence-based development and maintains high security and stability of the network. The native token of this blockchain is the ADA coin.
As of today, there are 34.7 billion ADA coins in circulation and their total market capitalization is $12.6 billion. The daily volume of all transactions of ADA coins exceeds $370 million. 
According to Coinbase estimation, the popularity of Cardano ADA coin is on the 5th position in the list of cryptocurrencies. It is second only to such top assets as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum 2, Tether and USD Coin.
Henbbo invites all its investors to take advantage of favorable staking conditions on our platform and test all the advantages of crypto transactions of ADA Cardano coin.
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