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Mar 8, 2023 08:01

Henbbo congratulates all the women with the International Women's Day March, 8 and gives holiday bonuses

Dear ladies, girls and young ladies, we congratulate you with the holiday of spring and beauty - the 8th of March! Always be nice and charming, be true standards of beauty and charm!
Henbbo team wishes you happiness, prosperity, family comfort and success in all your endeavors. Good health, mental balance, smiles and may you be surrounded, supported and protected by only good, caring, loving and generous men!
As a gift for all women and their caring men, Henbbo Foundation offers to take advantage of the most favorable promotional terms of staking. 
All you have to do is make a deposit on any of the current plans:
- Classic plans - extra + 1.8% to principal  
Premium plans- in addition +5.8% to principal
Deluxe plans - in addition  +8%  to principal
- Long plans - in addition + 12.8% to principal
For all Plans the bonus funds are added to the deposit principal and are available for usage after the end of the staking period.
This promotional offer is valid until 12:00 GMT on March 9.
Henbbo - smart investment will change your life!