tiếng Việt
Mar 13, 2023 14:52

Henbbo updates online platform and adds Chinese language support

Henbbo Foundation continues to implement a comprehensive program for the development of the company in China. We have already reported about our new representative office in Shanghai, the opening of which will significantly help the fund to establish effective cooperation with Chinese companies and investors.
Now it's time for an update to our platform - we are pleased to announce that the choice of the Chinese language is now available on all our official resources. Thus Henbbo provides Chinese users with more comfortable conditions for using our services.
After the ban on cryptocurrency transactions, according to Chainalysis's 2022 estimate, China has fallen to 13th position in the overall ranking of countries by the popularity of cryptocurrencies. However, in the same ranking in terms of the number of P2P crypto transactions, China took the leading position by a wide margin from its closest rivals.
This indicates that the popularity of cryptocurrencies among the country's population is very high. In addition, some entrepreneurs have been forced to move into the niche of P2P transactions, thus circumventing the ban imposed by the authorities.
The introduction of Chinese support on our platform will allow these people to easily use and evaluate all the benefits of Henbbo services. In addition, after the relaxation of restrictions on cryptocurrencies announced by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), such cooperation can easily scale up to even strategic partnerships.
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