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Mar 24, 2023 13:29

Henbbo held a corporate conference «Digital currencies - the Future of the World Financial System»

Lately in the information field the question about the future of global and national financial systems is being raised more and more often. Relevance of these questions is determined on the one hand by the destabilization of the existing financial system based on fiat currencies, and on the other hand by the existence of alternative payment instruments based on blockchain technology. 
Henbbo held a closed conference for its corporate partners and major investors to discuss these key issues and work out a common strategy for further development of our partnership in the crypto-financial sector.
This meeting was held in the first decade of March at the Fairmont Windsor Park on the outskirts of London. The elegant and aristocratic setting of the hotel, as well as the absence of city noise and bustle contributed to a very productive course of the event.
More than 150 major Henbbo partners, investors and experts participated in the 3 days of the conference. Both the specialists of the fund, and successful financiers and entrepreneurs invited by us, shared their views with the participants. 
The news about the collapse of several banks in the U.S. further strengthened the interest of all the participants of the event. The incident once again confirmed the correctness of the estimates and the basic positions of the Henbbo business plan. Experts and participants also easily agreed that the existing financial sector should be reviewed taking into account the latest technological developments.
The outcome of the conference "Digital currencies - the Future of the World Financial System" was, first and foremost, the support of our partners for the Henbbo business course. The willingness of investors to further participate in the development of our project was expressed by the conclusion of a number of cooperation agreements. The total sum only of direct investments under these new contracts already exceeds $4,2 million.
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