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Apr 11, 2023 13:31

Henbbo opened its new representative office in China

Henbbo cryptocurrency fund is constantly developing and exploring new markets for its services. Certainly one of the largest and most promising regions is the crypto market in China.
This is especially relevant against the background of the relaxation of rules for trading crypto-assets on licensed platforms, announced by the chief financial regulator of Hong Kong (SFC). Many members of the cryptocurrency community took this as a step towards full legalization of cryptocurrencies and one of the reasons for the growth of the Asian segment of the cryptocurrency market.
Henbbo management is not only closely following the trends of the Chinese crypto market, but is also actively getting involved in it. And to make this work as effective as possible, Henbbo is opening its new representative office in the suburbs of Shanghai. 
One of the most modern business centers - Hongqiao Vanke Center - was chosen to house our Chinese office. It is an ultra-modern complex that has already become the heart of a new business district near the already quite congested center of Shanghai.
The new office occupies two floors and is divided into several functional areas. On the second floor there are offices for managers, a comfortable work zone for employees and separate meeting rooms, which are equipped with everything necessary for conducting online conferences as well.
On the first floor there is a rest zone with a spacious buffet and a cozy kitchen. Here our employees can recuperate and hold joint events. There is also a small gym on the first floor to keep all staff good fit and healthy. 
Opening a representative office in China will make it much easier for regional customers to access our services. Based on the mid-term analysis, thanks to such comprehensive work on entering the Chinese market, we expect to get an increase in investments by the end of the year at the level of 20-25%. As well as a noticeable increase in joint projects with new Chinese partners of the fund.
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