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Apr 29, 2023 14:56

Henbbo added promo codes for the company's investors

Henbbo gives its users the opportunity to earn extra income by using the company's promo codes. With a promo code, you can get an extra amount to your balance, a bonus to your staking, a new staking and the like.
Any of our investors can get a Henbbo promo code. To do so, you need to actively use our services and participate in the company's events. In addition, investors can get a promo code at the company's various giveaways. In this case, the higher your activity, the higher the chance of getting a promo code from Henbbo.
You will be notified of the receipt of your personal promo code in your cabinet on the main page of our platform. Here you will also be able to use the received promo code by entering it into the appropriate field. 
Henbbo gives you their first promo code, which you can use right now in your personal cabinet.
Make money, grow with Henbbo and earn extra income by using promo codes from our company!
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