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May 2, 2023 18:24

HENBBO added Turkish language support to its official platform

Turkey is the largest country in Western Asia with a population of almost 90 million. Despite a number of restrictive measures adopted by the country's leadership in the spring of 2021, the number of Turkish citizens actively using cryptocurrencies in 2022 according to various estimates amounted to 20%.
The Turkish lira exchange rate has always been quite volatile. In addition, since 2013 there has been a gradual decline in its exchange rate against the U.S. dollar and at the end of 2022 inflation exceeded 50%.
The low stability of the national currency largely contributes to the growing popularity of alternative financial instruments among the Turkish population. In this case, cryptocurrencies are actively used for mutual settlements and investments in order to save and multiply their own funds.
Earlier, the Turkish authorities initiated the creation of a special vault to reduce user risks. After that, according to experts, in the fall of 2022 the total volume of cryptotransactions amounted to more than $26 billion, nearly four times more than during the same period in 2021. 
Henbbo Foundation also notes an increase in the activity of investors from Turkey and surrounding regions. To make it more comfortable for them to use the services of the company, Henbbo added Turkish language support on its official platform.
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