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May 10, 2023 17:22

Henbbo adds support for Polkadot (DOT) token to BEP20 network

Henbbo team strives to make the use of its platform services as convenient as possible for all investors. To this end, we are constantly working to expand support for different interface languages and the most popular payment systems.
The latest update to the company's platform also included support for payments with the Polkadot (DOT) token of the BEP20 network. As the analysis has shown, many investors have quite a demand for this coin, and they willingly use it for payments and investments. This is confirmed by the level of relative market capitalization of traded assets on Coinbase, where DOT token is firmly in the top 10 cryptocurrencies.
Polkadot is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a multiplatform that allows combining different blockchains into a single global ecosystem. As the creators of Polkadot say, its mission is to build a completely new WEB3 network based on dinner blockchains, where information exchange will be fully decentralized.
Polkadot token has been on the crypto market since 2017 and today its market capitalization is estimated at $7.3 billion, with a daily turnover of about $116 million. The number of already issued crypto assets is 1.2 billion DOT and can be increased by the issue of new tokens.
Henbbo invites all of its investors to take the opportunity to test the benefits of its new payment instrument, the Polkadot token, on the company's platform.
The company provides a promotional code for 10,000 uses with a bonus for a new payment system:
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