Taya Khanshy

Graphic Designer

She was studying at the National University of Singapore on the graphic designing faculti. After studying, she worked at the American Domain Studios. The design of the our products interfaces is precisely her creation.


Bogdan Walther

System Administrator

After graduating from MIT, he worked in one of the largest data centers in the United State, SuperNAP. In our company, it is he who supports a multi-user computing environment and provides the ongoing optimal operating process of all IT services and support.


Simon Roussel

Chief Technical Officer of the project

A graduate of Yale University, he worked for companies such as JPMorgan and Bank of America. Over the past few years, he has already launched several successful startups in the financial and cryptocurrency areas.


Monica Hrycyszyn

Chief Product Officer

She graduated from UCLA and worked for a number of companies, including Adidas and Cynexis Media, as a specialist on digital products releasing. In many ways, thanks to her work, you see our service as it is.


Patrick Tabbara

Chief Strategy Officer

After graduating from university in New York, he worked at Coinbase, and later at the New York branch of Poloniex. His tasks includes the development of specific strategies and plans for our company developing.


Claudia Hopper

Head of Research

She graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, after which she worked as an analyst at Interactive Brokers LLC, and also studied financial and stock markets for the New York Stock Exchange. Thanks to her talent and work, we are tracking the most advanced and promising business trends.


Sam Mohamad


Sam attended the Australian National University, where he studied computer security. Before joining our team, he worked as a cryptographer for Discogs and eBay. In our team, he is also responsible for the security of the enire system at all levels.


Martin Grosman

Full stack developer

After graduating from the Technical University of Munich as a developer, he participated in many projects, including the German Tye, the Italian Cubbit and the Bitfinex exchange. In our company, Martin is a leading programmer and that most of the programme code of our product belongs his hands.


Anthony Chanlyn

Frontend Developer

He's successfully graduated from the University of Manchester, after which he worked as a developer in the English myHermes and UDEMY. Within our team, Anthony is responsible for developing user interfaces and adapting them for the different platforms working.