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Important information:

To start with, there is a request to get familiar with the general conditions of cooperation with the HENBBO VENTURES LIMITED company. By registering and accepting further participation in the activity of the company, you automatically confirm your age and consent to all the information below:

Each deposit created by you is a private transaction between the User and HENBBO VENTURES LIMITED company. Any information exchanged between the company and an investor should not be transmitted to third parties.

The Company does everything it can to protect confidential information, but it bears no responsibility for the data leak caused by a user. The investor confirms that messages, materials, and other information received from the company are also protected from disclosure on his part.

It is worth mentioning that the text contained in this document should not be considered as an invitation for investment in any jurisdiction considering non-public offers or invitations illegal; and by individuals for whom all of the above will be illegal.

This program is exempted from the application of The Securities Act of 1933, The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (SEA), and The Investment Company Act of 1940 since it is a private transaction. The same applies to all other regulations, rules, and amendments to them.

The Company is not a licensed bank and is not responsible for any damage, costs, or losses resulting from the investor’s non-compliance with the conditions and regulations, set out on the website.

By registering, you confirm that you will not use this website in any illegal way and will respect international and local laws. The company reserves the right to change the conditions: fees, program rates, and rules at any time and its discretion, without prior notification. Especially, when it comes to ensuring the safety of investors’ interests.

You consent that you are fully aware of the responsibilities and are familiar with the present conditions

Investor's rights.

You consent to follow the following rules:

To indicate only actual and correct personal data.

To be over 18 years (adult) at the time of registration

To respect and be tolerant of other investors of the company

Not to use this Website to launder money

To respect the intellectual property right of HENBBO VENTURES LIMITED

Not to use illegally earned money

To respect the commercial secret and the right not to disclose information about any private transaction.

Not to use SPAM and other malicious applications that violate the integrity and functioning of the website.

Any attempts to harm the reputation using the creation of negative publications and videos on social media are not welcomed by the company. HENBBO VENTURES LIMITED, for its part, is always ready to provide support to its investors – that is why, if any issues occur, the request is to contact the support team.

The company is entitled to:

Add and update the actual content to the Website

Edit and delete the content of the Website

Provide an investor with advisory and informational services

Suspend or temporarily cease the transmission of any information through the Website without prior notification due to the following reasons:

01Power line cuts

02Damage to equipment/communication systems

03Force Majeure circumstances

04Breakdowns of technological nature.

The company also reserves the right to:

Suspend the service provision, up to account blocking, in case of violation of these Rules by the Investor

Make amendments to the already existing Rules without prior approval

Edit and change the content of the Website without prior approval

Correct and complement the already existing investment offers

Add new EPS

Change towards an increase in partner’s remuneration, without prior approval

Send materials to all registered users of the company

Use the indicated personal data of an Investor to improve and optimize the process of investment interaction

Refuse cooperation with any participant without explanation

Provide all possible support and help to the investors within the Rules indicated on the website

The company bears no responsibility for issues and inconveniences caused by the temporary suspension of the work of the Website, which occurred as a result of the above reasons. It is also not responsible for losses caused and damages connected with the temporary suspension of service delivery resulting from the action of the above reasons.